Google Takes Over!

How many times do you use Google a day?

Google is more important than certain bodily functions.

To find out, simply go to your web history page, which records your searches on Google properties (Google Images, News, Video, Maps, etc.) It only records this data while you’re signed however, so I wasn’t able to get an accurate number. I guesstimate at least 20 times though!

Google has very little competition from other search engines, namely Bing and Yahoo!. According to this article depicting the hit statistics of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, they have approximately 66.8%, 15.6%, and 13.0% of the market, respectively as of June 2012.

Is this an accurate image of the relative size of the top search engines?

Fun Fact: Yahoo! is actually powered by Bing, even though they operate as separate search engines.

It’s no secret that Google stores our search logs, and with over 1 billion searches performed daily, Google has a lot of information. A lot of private information. Yet why do we keep going back? Why do we prefer Google?

It all comes back to consumer behavior. Consumers like consistent, comfortable, and dependable products. Google’s easily recognizable and simple layout has stayed pretty much the same since the early days in the 1990s and early 2000s. This conveys reliability.

Can you spot the differences?

Functionality is another integral aspect. Imagine if Google gave irrelevant information, or linked to unhelpful websites, or we have to sift through the billions of results by hand. Google’s algorithm is so good at ranking sites applicable to the search, and it only gets better and better the more we use it, by providing surfing habits.

But for me, the reason I use Google and not Bing or Yahoo! or even Ask and AOL is because it’s easy. I can type anything in the search box and my result will almost always be on the first page. Google will even show me images if I search for people! Or maps if I’m searching for a place!

Google is taking over the Internet. Not only do they have an immense presence online, they are also #5 on the list of the most expensive stocks, traded at $709.68 as I type this post. Furthermore, the long list of acquisitions by Google (over 100+ companies!) includes YouTube, Picnik, Android, and its largest, Motorola Mobility.

Food for thought: Does “Bing” stand for “Because it’s not Google?”


3 thoughts on “Google Takes Over!

  1. cpatter3 says:

    I think it’s really just because Google is… Google. In terms of functionality, I suppose it’s probably the best, but I have no way of knowing because I can’t ever remembering a time when I’ve tried to use Yahoo or Bing. With virtually any other product, I’d sample–––I know I like Coke more than Pepsi because I’ve tried both and Coke is my favorite. I like Macs over PCs because I’ve used both and I prefer Macs. But with Google it’s just a reflex. When a hammer hits my knee, I kick, and when I conduct an internet search, I Google. It has infiltrated our social psyche so much that we don’t care how much information we’re sharing about ourselves.

  2. rstarer says:

    Google has made a name for itself, it’s even in the dictionary, and that’s why people use it. It’s what automatically comes to mind when we need to search for something. For another one of my classes we had to find an Ad that we thought was effective, and guess what, I chose a Google Chrome Ad. Here’s a link to it. It really shows you all you can do with Google, while creating an emotional connection with the viewer.

  3. jongshin23 says:

    I think it’s important to point out that Google has the most popular brand name. I would relate the competition between google and the rest of search engines to the comparison between iPhone and other Android smart phones. Similar to Google’s domination in its industry, Apple’s iPhone dominates the market with its brand name, regardless of faster innovation by Android market. Samsung and other smartphone providers have higher technical innovation such as 4G network and faster software. However, iPhone’s user-friendly design and display has dominated the smartphone market. I have used Bing couple times for better search results, but those trials only came after going through Google’s search results. I think it is safe to say that google has dominated the market with it’s user-friendly approach; to the extent where “googling” became an everyday terminology for “searching”. Thanks for the great topic and discussion.

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